About Us

Attention you deserve…results you desire.

At Active Motion Physiotherapy, we don’t just treat the injury, we treat the whole person. Each of our clients receives a comprehensive evaluation and examination in a private one-on-one treatment room.

We offer extended appointment times to ensure that all of your concerns are recognized and incorporated into an individualized treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on working closely with your team of health care professionals, coaches and trainers to ensure the best management of your needs.


Support and Encouragement

Active Motion Physiotherapy provides an environment that allows all members of our community to achieve their individual goals including alleviating pain, regaining function, and returning to optimal sporting condition. In addition to our technical expertise, we offer the support and encouragement needed to achieve great health. We understand that physiotherapy can be a lot of work and we are here to give the attention you deserve to allow you to achieve the results you desire.

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