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Please call the clinics directly to book your appointment

Clinics are open Monday – Friday 6am-10pm and by appointment Saturday and Sunday. Phones are answered Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and by treating therapists after these hours.

Banff - Sally Borden Builidng, The Banff Centre - Phone: 403.760.0259

Canmore - One Wellness - Phone: 403.679.7179

For clinic directions please click here.


With each appointment, Active Motion offers:

  1. A variety of Physiotherapy appointment options, outside 'regular' business hours
  2. An individualized treatment plan that recognizes and incorporates your needs and goals
  3. Continuous communication with your team of health care professionals, coaches and trainers
  4. A free same-day pass to the fitness facilities with each physiotherapy session, which can be used before or after therapy sessions




Initial Appointment:

The Initial Assessment is typically 45 minutes in duration. We kindly ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow time to complete required paper work. OR, print the Active Motion NEW CLIENT INFORMATION FORM, and bring your completed form in with you on your first appointment.

Follow up Treatment Options:

Short Session – This session is designed with the small issue in mind. You will have 15 minutes of undivided attention with your physiotherapist to address one area of your body such as your ankle, spine, review of your exercise program, perform acupuncture etc.

Regular Session - The focus of this session will still be on one body part, but the physiotherapist will likely treat other areas as it relates to the chief complaint. For example knee pain caused by a tight hip and iliotibial band along with poor proprioceptive control. This 30 minute session will use a couple of different services to help restore ideal movement and postural control.

Long Session –In this session we will take more time to fully address your areas of concern. If we take the Average Session example the knee pain may be stemming from poor low back alignment which will need to be addressed first prior to addressing your hip, iliotibial band and proprioceptive control. This 45 minute session will use a few different services while addressing focusing more time on a single area or working on the multiple areas.

The Works – This is a 60 minute session in which we will treat many different areas allowing us to integrate competing parts of the body to work in harmony. We will likely use many of our different services to help achieve this goal. This is a great session for those looking for extra attention to ensure that all concerns are addressed in a single session.

Physiotherapy Pricing (quoted prices do not include GST)

Initial Evaluation: $99.00

15 Minute Treatment: $49.00

30 Minute Treatment: $77.00

45 Minute Treatment: $99.00

60 Minute Treatment: $133.00

Note: We charge an additional $10.00 for any acupuncture treatment administered during a Physiotherapy session

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